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La Cucina del Gusto by Chef Carmen


Fettuccine with mushrooms

Sauce Ingredients

3 big mushrooms, parsley, 1 Italian pinch of salt, ¼ of cup of heavy cream, 1 tablespoon grated parmesan, 1 clove garlic, olive oil.


Fry the clove of garlic in olive oil until golden brown. Add the mushrooms, a pinch of salt and heavy cream. Cook for few minutes. In the main time, cook the pasta. Add the cooked pasta to the frying pan and mix well, adding some more cream and more parmesan.

Pasta Ingredients

1 cup of regular white flour, 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 Italian pinch of salt.


Put the flour on the work table. Make a large hole in the centre and add the eggs, salt, olive oil. Mix all the ingredients together with one hand, slowly incorporating the flour. Knead lightly to obtain a smooth dough. Leave the rest on the work surface. Create a ball on cleaned surface. Dust with flour on top, and push down. With heel of palm, push and fold, repeat until smooth. Create a mushroom cap shape with no cracks on the top.

Flour rolling pin (never use water on wooden rolling pin, scrape). Roll out very thin in round shape. Flour both sides and surface. To turn pasta, roll on rolling pin and unroll on other side. Trim the edges to form a square or rectangle then cut into long strips about ¼ inch pieces, then unroll fettuccine. Tagliatelle is the only pasta that you can’t pre – cook so when you are ready to eat, cook them in salted boiling water for about 3 minutes. Dry it and sauté in the sauce prepared in advance.

Notes: Egg pasta vs flour pasta includes more eggs than flour. Egg pasta should not be stored for future use.

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